EL James Shares Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Pic From 'Fifty Shades Darker'

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You could say that EL James has been on a Fifty Shades hiatus as of late -- at least judging by her Instagram. There is no movie to promote as of now, and her life isn't all Anastasia and Christian Grey all the time. But today she shared an incredible behind-the-scenes photo from Fifty Shades Darker that is making hearts flutter. And it's in honor of Dakota Johnson's birthday.

  • Let's all wish Dakota a "Happy Birthday"!

    Sure, this is a moment within the film Fifty Shades Darker, but it seems Dakota broke out of character for just a moment to look up and flash that incredible smile. The colors, the red dress, those flowers -- everything about this pic is just gorgeous. It's a perfect way for Erika to wish her leading lady a happy new trip around the sun. Accompanying the photo are the words "#BTS #FiftyShadesDarker Happy Birthday, Dakota." Erika chose a good one to commemorate the day. And now we want to watch the movie again.

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  • Erika has been having a lot of happiness in her life, too.

    As mentioned, Erika hasn't posted many BTS pics from her movies, but she has posted some private moments from her life. Most notably, she's been in Hawaii, and if we go by what she wrote with this photo, she "Finally got lei'd... #Aloha #Kauai." Yes!

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  • And she saw her work while traveling.

    No matter how much fame and fortune Erika has, it's clear she's kind of just like the rest of us. (Kind of.) When she was in the airport, she saw Fifty Shades Darker for sale, snapped a pic, and used the caption: "#LihueAirport #NeverGetsOld #Mahalo and thank you #Kauai for a wonderful stay." We'd do the same thing. If we wrote a best-selling novel that was made into movies and we traveled to Hawaii ...

  • She's also very good with remembering and honoring birthdays.

    On September 10, Erika shared this photo with the caption:
    "#FiftyShadesFreed Happy Birthday Mrs Grey." So not only did she take the time to wish Dakota a happy birthday today, but she wished her character Anastasia a happy day as well. Love this.

    Erika's birthday is March 7. I think we should all mark our calendars. 

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