Dakota Johnson's New 'Messed Up' Tattoo Has a Powerful Meaning

Dakota Johnson
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Although we may not know a whole lot about her private life, one thing we do know is that she loves tattoos. Dakota Johnson's latest tattoo of a flower is actually not perfect -- but in a good way!


According to the actress's tattoo artist, Brian Woo (aka Doctor Woo), the new piece of ink is "a little f*cked up." He debuted Johnson's delicate new tattoo on his Instagram page earlier this week.

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The small flower tat on her forearm is inspired by the work of early 20th century Austrian painter Egon Schiele. It's a little wilted, but that was actually done on purpose. 

dakota johnson flower tattoo

Woo's caption for the photo quoted Johnson saying, "It's a lil f*cked up, but it's still a flower, like me."

We absolutely love it, especially since it has such an important message attached to it. It's a reminder that despite our flaws, we're still beautiful.

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And, as reported by Hello Giggles, Schiele specialized in Expressionist paintings that "focus on the complexity of human beings and our ever-changing emotional states." So yeah, Johnson definitely knew what she was doing when she decided to get this cute new tattoo. 

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