This Is What the Cast of '10 Things I Hate About You' Looks Like Today

Larisa Oleynik and Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You
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It feels like ages since 10 Things I Hate About You made its way into theaters and we asked our parents for an advance on our allowance to see it. Whether you were in middle school (shout-out to the 1984 crew) or high school when this gem of a '90s movie came out, there's no way you can forget it -- especially since some TV network is guaranteed to play it over and over again.

  • Here's a look at what the "10 Things I Hate About You" crew has been up to since their days at Padua High School.

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  • 1.) Heath Ledger - Patrick Verona

    We'd be remiss not to honor the late and talented Heath Ledger, who passed away in 2008. Gone too soon, Heath will be remembered through his body of work -- including his role as Patrick Verona, who stole our hearts.

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  • 2.) Julia Stiles - Kat Stratford

    "I guess in this society, being male and an a**hole makes you worthy of our time."

    Let 'em know.

  • Julia Stiles: Now

    While we'll never know if Kat and Patrick rode off into the sunset -- or barely made it through freshman year of college as a couple -- it seems Julia Stiles is getting a real-life happily ever after.

    The actress is currently pregnant with her first child with fiancé Preston Cook (yay!). And just like her character in 10 Things I Hate About You, Julia can be found rocking out to bands ... except with a bump.

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  • 3.) Larisa Oleynik - Bianca Stratford

    Did you have difficulties tolerating Bianca during her superficial moments that damn near lasted the entire movie? You aren't alone. Thankfully she saw the light, showing us a new Bianca Stratford before the closing credits.

    ... and a pretty mean right punch.

  • Larisa Oleynik: Now

    Since 10 Things I Hate About You, Larisa has kept herself pretty busy, appearing on such hit series as Pretty Little Liars and Mad Men

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    You can currently catch Larisa acting in the off-Broadway musical comedy Baghdaddy.

  • ... and poking fun at pop culture on Twitter.

  • 4.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Cameron James

    How could you not root for Cameron in 10 Things? He was such a hopeful romantic who was cute as hell and never gave up. We totally would've dated him!

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Now

    Um, what on God's green earth hasn't Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in? He and Samuel L. Jackson must be in some competition to see who can get the most credits behind their name.

    Liked Angels in the Outfield? Joe starred in that.

    Liked 500 Days of Summer? Joe starred in that.

    Like The Dark Knight Rises? Yup, Joe starred in that, too.

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    AND dude has his own production company (Hit Record)? We can't keep up!

  • 5.) Gabrielle Union - Chastity Church

    Yes, girl. Merriam-Webster says it's possible.

  • Gabrielle Union: Now

    At 44, Gabrielle Union is living her best life, proving things only get better with age. She has a hit show, Being Mary Jane, and is serving up #relationshipgoals with NBA hubby Dwyane Wade.

  • 6.) Andrew Keegan - Joey Donner

    "Mr. Morgan, is there any chance we could get Kat to take her Midol before she comes to class?"

    Why do the cutest guys have to be the biggest douches?

  • Andrew Keegan: Now

    Though Andrew has taken pretty steady acting jobs throughout the years, he's most known for cofounding the Full Circle spiritual organization -- complete with a Full Circle Rose Temple -- back in 2014, which some believe is a cult. Recently, Keegan's temple announced on Facebook it would be closing down.

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  • 7.) David Krumholtz - Michael Eckman

    Everyone needs a go-to wingman to hold you down, give you good advice, and take an L when needed -- like someone drawing a penis on his face.

    Cameron was so lucky to have Michael.

  • David Krumholtz: Now

    If you aren't following David and all his parenting antics on Twitter, you're missing out on life. 

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  • 8.) Susan May Pratt - Mandella

    Ever have a friend in high school you wish would've loosened the freak up and taken her head out of a Shakespeare book? For Kat Stratford, that person was her gal pal Mandella.

  • Susan May Pratt: Now

    Susan will always be a coveted '90s/'00s actress who starred in some of our fave films, like Drive Me Crazy and Center Stage. Though she's the first to admit she's disappointed her career "hasn't been more successful than it has," Susan has made waves, acting in various television shows throughout the years -- including an eight-year stint on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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  • 9.) Kyle Cease - Bogey Lowenstein

    "It must be Nigel with the brie."

    Yeah, try again.

    Guess we'll never know how this future-MBA leader's parents took seeing their house torn up. But hey, maybe someone used a coaster. (That counts, right?)

  • Kyle Cease: Now

    Kyle took a different route since starring as a prick in 10 Things I Hate About You. He's become a motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author who's helping people transform their fears into actions that can save the world. 

  • 10.) Allison Janney - Ms. Perky

    Don't ever let anyone tell you being inappropriate in high school doesn't pay off.


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  • Allison Janney: Now

    Allison Janney is currently a seven-time Emmy award winner who's kicking butt and taking names alongside Anna Faris in the CBS hit Mom.

    Ms. Perky is doing her thang, y'all.

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