'Fifty Shades Freed' Teaser Trailer Is Everything We Hoped for & More

fifty shades freed

The moment Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been waiting for is finally here. The trailer for Fifty Shades Freed -- the final installment of the franchise -- just dropped. And like most of the other Fifty Shades trailers, it's likely to leave admirers of Christian Grey a little hot and bothered, as well as a little confused. 


The movie is set to hit theaters on -- when else? -- Valentine's Day of 2018. The trailer, which is the first glimpse fans are getting of the flick, is only a minute long, but it teases just enough to leave people intrigued and wanting more. 

The preview opens up with Anastasia Steele looking gorgeous in her wedding dress, and then quickly switches to her honeymoon with Christian. There's -- of course -- plenty of sex scenes between the couple that are teased (as well as a few shots of a shirtless Jamie Dornan), but then things take a dark twist, complete with guns and Anastasia being held at knifepoint.

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Again, the teaser certainly has fangirls (and boys) interested in seeing more. 

The full trailer for the film reportedly will be released sometime in November. So, until then ... 

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