The 28 Most Memorable Horror Movie Cameos, Ranked

Tanvier Peart | Sep 12, 2017 Movies
The 28 Most Memorable Horror Movie Cameos, Ranked

Drew Barrymore in Scream
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There's something about scary movies that makes you want to double-check every lock in the house, turn on all the lights, test-dial 911 (you know, just in case), and hide under the covers. Yet, as nerve-racking as these films are, they're also quite thrilling -- especially when a known actor or actress just happens to grace us with their presence in the film.

Movie cameos are nothing new, but they help make a flick all the more memorable. After all, it's not every day you see a Scandal star squaring off against Jason -- or Star Wars royalty throwing shade in a popular '90s slasher film.

That's what makes celebrities' short-lived appearances in movies extra enjoyable. Most are random AF and pretty great.

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Many celebs have lent their star power to guest appearances we simply cannot unsee, and for the most part, we don't really want to. Here's our list of some of the most memorable horror movie cameos that left heads turning.

... and in some cases, rolling.

  • 28.) Jay & 27.) Silent Bob - "Scream 3"


    Can we all just bask in the randomness of Jay and Silent Bob popping up in Scream 3? This duo had no reason to make an appearance, though their cameo did give us a break from worrying about the killer on the loose. 

  • 26.) Bobby Brown - "Ghostbusters 2"


    How cool was it to see Bobby Brown ask for a proton pack in Ghostbusters 2? Not only did the "My Prerogative" crooner get his 15 seconds of fame in the film, but he also lent his vocals to the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack that left us doing the running man for some time.

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  • 25.) Jack Black - "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer"


    Given this horror movie was set in the Bahamas, one of the last people Jennifer Love Hewitt and crew likely thought they'd see on the island was Jack Black in locs.

    ... Then again, this is a sequel, so anything is possible.

  • 24.) Jada Pinkett Smith - "Scream 2"


    Scream kept the cameos rolling with Jada Pinkett Smith (and Omar Epps) in Scream 2. Her character was one of the realest -- questioning why people in killer situations continue to speak to said killer, instead of calling the police -- but sadly she didn't make it far.

    (Technically, she made it to the front of the theater, so that's something.)

  • 23.) Hulk Hogan - "Gremlins 2"


    "Listen up. People paid good money to see this movie. When they go out to a theater, they want cold sodas, hot popcorn, and no monsters in the projection booth!"

    You tell 'em, Hulk!

  • 22.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt - "Halloween H20"


    Poor little Joe earns the good neighbor award for his appearance in Halloween: H20 ... But someone will have to accept it on his behalf.

    (Spoiler: Things don't end well for him.)

  • 21.) George Clooney - "Return to Horror High"


    The G-man was making a name for himself on The Facts of Life before he starred in this easily forgotten horror movie.

    Sorry, dude, but that scary instrumental music means you're a goner.

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  • 20.) Johnny Depp - "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare"


    Even though Johnny didn't make it in A Nightmare on Elm Street, he did pay a visit to the infamous neighborhood in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare that likely had you doing a double take.

  • 19.) Wes Craven - "Scream"


    If you're a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, you likely had a chuckle when you saw Scream director Wes Craven playing the janitor -- dressed to the nines in Freddy Krueger's finest.

  • 18.) Fran Drescher, 17.) Chris Kattan, 16.) Rebecca Gayheart, & 15.) James Caan - "Santa's Slay"


    There are no amount of words that can sum up this movie's randomness -- including the opening scene where Fran, Chris, Rebecca, and James all get it.

    Should you enjoy a little horror with your Christmas, Santa's Slay is your flick.

  • 14.) David Hasselhoff - "Piranha 3DD"


    The Hoff. A lifeguard chair. People drowning. Baywatch-inspired slo-mo run.

    Yup, we get it.

  • 13.) Anna Paquin & 12.) Kristen Bell - "Scream 4"


    Leave it to Scream 4 to deliver an unexpected cameo that was a stab to say the very least.

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  • 11.) Linda Blair - "Scream"


    Blink and you likely missed Ms. Exorcist herself, Linda Blair, as an eager reporter in Scream.

  • 10.) Jerry Springer - "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"


    Sorry, Jerry, but ain't nobody got time for taking pictures when there are sharks swirling around in the air!

  • 9.) Kellan Lutz - "A Nightmare on Elm Street"


    Twihards likely had a heart attack seeing Kellan Lutz in the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street (his scene was pretty scary). Though he wasn't in the film for very long (spoiler alert), it was hard to look away. He is a bit of a hottie.

  • 8.) Janet Leigh - "Halloween: H20"


    Not now, Mom!

    Jamie Lee Curtis received some motherly advice from her real-life mom -- and star of the horror movie classic Psycho -- Janet Leigh in Halloween: H20. This family reunion was very unexpected, but also quite sweet.

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  • 7.) Tony Goldwyn - "Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI"


    So, technicallyJason Lives was Tony's first credited acting gig. But that doesn't mean we can't swoon over President Fitzgerald Grant every time this horror movie sequel airs on TV. 

    It's so random now!

  • 6.) Drew Barrymore - "Scream"


    When Scream debuted in theaters 20 years ago (yeah, we're old now), we didn't know what to expect -- but we certainly weren't ready to see Drew Barrymore encounter the killer in the beginning of the film. 

    She was the face of the movie poster, which made her death super unexpected.

  • 5.) Ben Affleck - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"


    Surprise, surprise!

    Buffy fans should remember seeing Matt Damon's bestie (Ben Affleck) make an appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Granted, he wasn't a major star back then, but it's still awesome and random AF to see him!

  • 4.) Carrie Fisher - "Scream 3"


    "So how can I help you -- or do you want me to tell you who you look like?"

    READ, Carrie! (God, we miss her.)

  • 3.) Donnie Wahlberg - "The Sixth Sense"


    Show of hands, who else was freaked out to see a nearly naked and afraid Donnie Wahlberg inside Bruce Willis's bathroom in The Sixth Sense?

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  • 2.) Sigourney Weaver - "Cabin in the Woods"


    If you made it to the end of Cabin in the Woods -- likely wondering why the freak you sat through this weird a** film to begin with -- there's a good chance Sigourney Weaver's random cameo became the light at the end of this very long and very WTF tunnel.

  • 1.) Bill Murray - "Zombieland"


    Seeing Bill Murray in horror-comedy Zombieland was like unwrapping a gift you forgot to open on Christmas morning. It added so much to the movie, giving us laughs and a few tears.

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