Dakota Johnson Admits She Isn't Thrilled With Her Tattoos

dakota johnson
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Dakota Johnson seems to have a Zen approach to life, which has been good to her if we take a look at the fact that she got to star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies with Jamie Dornan. But just because things seem great, that doesn't mean she has no regrets. One of her regrets is quite major, in fact. Dakota admitted that she regrets some of her tattoos


Now most of these tattoos that she has are not visible at quick glance, but there are quite a few of them adorning her body. She had a tattoo of birds on her shoulder, one behind her ear, the word "amor" on the back of her neck, the phrase "look at the moon" with stars on her foot, and her bicep has the words "acta non verba" -- meaning "deeds not words." All of these tattoos seem like lovely ones to have, so what's with the regret?!

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It happens. And we totally get it. Sometimes you just grow out of things, but with tattoos, there they are permanently in your skin. This whole revelation came about when Dakota was being interviewed by Glamour magazine and was asked to name some of her beauty regrets. She said, "There are a few tattoos I wish weren't on my body, but it happens, I guess, and admittedly, I continue to get them," Dakota said. 

We love that she continues to get them -- because we totally understand that as well. If she ends up hating a tattoo so much, she can always have it re-imagined by a talented tattoo artist. (Been there, done that.)

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In talking with Glamour, Dakota also mentioned that she cut her own bangs after six months of growing them out on the very morning of their interview. Now that's a bit of a shocker, too. Any person who has been growing out bangs for half a year knows this is a HUGE DEAL. But that's what we love about Dakota -- she isn't afraid to take risks -- in tattoos, with her hair, or with movie roles.  

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