15 Iconic 'It Girl' Characters That Are Nothing Like Real High School Kids

Kayla Boyd | Aug 9, 2017 Movies
15 Iconic 'It Girl' Characters That Are Nothing Like Real High School Kids
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We've all seen those movies or TV shows where high schools are filled with parties, evil schemes, six-inch heels, and mini skirts. When I first saw Mean Girls, it made me scared to go to high school. Turns out, high school is absolutely nothing like it is on screen. 

The whole school doesn't typically worship one single person like they do in every movie or show. Underage drinking and drug abuse does happen, but it's definitely not as "glamorous." And there usually isn't a complete lack of parental supervision at all times.

Don't get me wrong, high school can be rough and filled with bullies and gossip and popularity contests, but it's also not always filled with perfect bodies, designer clothes, and well-thought-out evil plots. 

Here are 15 characters that we may love on screen, but we definitely couldn't relate to them when we were in high school. 

  • Aria Montgomery, 'Pretty Little Liars'


    This girl dates her teacher on and off throughout the entire show with no real consequences for either of them. In real life, it isn't usually perceived as cute when an English teacher sleeps with one of his high school students, no matter how charming or good-looking he is. 

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  • Regina George, 'Mean Girls'


    This queen bee had the whole school treating her like a celebrity just because she was extremely mean and pretty. That doesn't always cut it in actual high school. And I'm pretty sure that Christmas dance wouldn't have been allowed at my school talent show. 

  • Serena van der Woodsen, 'Gossip Girl'


    Yes, filthy rich teenagers do live a pretty different life, but the fact that Serena sipped cosmos every night at clubs and jetted around the world by herself when she got stressed out seems just a little bit far-fetched. 

  • Alison DiLaurentis, 'Pretty Little Liars'


    Usually 15-year-olds don't get away with blackmailing every single person in their hometown. Not to mention that Alison faked her own death for like three seasons and then came back and lied and said she was kidnapped??

  • Sharpay Evans, 'High School Musical'


    So Sharpay did kind of look like she was in high school, but even the most dramatic of teenagers don't usually sing and dance around school with their brother, constantly verbalizing how everything must go their way. 

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  • Blair Waldorf, 'Gossip Girl'


    I love Blair as much as the next Gossip Girl binge watcher, but who seriously has the time to boss around their maid, throw parties all the time, create evil schemes, and still get good enough grades to compete for spots at Ivy League schools? Seems unlikely to me. 

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  • Cher Horowitz, 'Clueless'


    Her iconic style will always be a major '90s highlight -- however, Cher was a little too put together compared to 99.9 percent of real high schoolers. 

  • Naomi Clark, '90210'


    The 90210 reboot was full of unrealistic characters, but Naomi is probably the most well-known for being attractive, privileged, popular, and full of intense drama. I think I'm sensing a common theme here?  

  • Hanna Marin, 'Pretty Little Liars'


    Girls don't wear five-inch heels to school every day. They just don't. Hanna also got arrested for a murder she didn't commit, but I think every character on this show has at some point. 

  • Kathryn Merteuil, 'Cruel Intentions'


    This whole movie was basically centered around the sexual tension of Kathryn and her STEPBROTHER ... and their evil plot to get him to have sex with a virgin at school. That's clearly not normal or okay or remotely realistic. 

  • Olive Penderghast, 'Easy A'


    Although this movie was cute and funny, wearing sexy corsets to school every day would probably violate dress code. Also, if the whole school was that invested in one person's (fake) sex life, I would hope there would have been more done about it than just encouraging said person to speak to the guidance counselor (who's cheating on her husband with a student). 

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  • Torrance Shipman, 'Bring It On'


    Torrance was cute and all, but where was the team's coach? Sure, girls who are into cheerleading (or any sport) can take it pretty seriously in high school, but I'm not sure if cheerleaders are this obsessed in real life. 

  • Cordelia Chase, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'


    Cordelia was beautiful and a pretty cool character, but she definitely didn't look 16! 

  • Heather, 'John Tucker Must Die'


    I don't know many high school girls who look like Ashanti in their developing years. And once again, she's the head cheerleader, physically flawless, and has that typical popular girl attitude. 

  • Margo Roth Spiegelman, 'Paper Towns'


    Margo was admittedly a pretty cool character and she did look like a high school girl (despite the fact that she's a supermodel IRL). The unbelievable part is the fact that she turned to a "friend" she never talks to and convinced him to help take revenge on her ex, then runs really far away from home -- and people pretty much brush it off. She was also able to leave all of these deep meaningful "clues" around the city. That's just a tad extra. 

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