15 Iconic 'It Girl' Characters That Are Nothing Like Real High School Kids

Image: IMDb

mean girls

We've all seen those movies or TV shows where high schools are filled with parties, evil schemes, six-inch heels, and mini skirts. When I first saw Mean Girls, it made me scared to go to high school. Turns out, high school is absolutely nothing like it is on screen. 


The whole school doesn't typically worship one single person like they do in every movie or show. Underage drinking and drug abuse does happen, but it's definitely not as "glamorous." And there usually isn't a complete lack of parental supervision at all times.

Don't get me wrong, high school can be rough and filled with bullies and gossip and popularity contests, but it's also not always filled with perfect bodies, designer clothes, and well-thought-out evil plots. 

Here are 15 characters that we may love on screen, but we definitely couldn't relate to them when we were in high school.