The Movie 'Fun Mom Dinner' Totally Destroys the Fat Friend Stereotype

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The idea of Fun Mom Dinner isn't a novel one. Molly Shannon, Toni Collette, Katie Aselton, and Bridget Everett's roles center around four somewhat unlikely friends bonding for one night over the perils of motherhood, and ultimately rediscovering their roles outside of "mom."

And admittedly when I first caught the trailer for Julie Rudd's first film, my eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head -- especially when I learned Everett had a starring role.

I have nothing against Everett at all -- she's a fabulous comedian and sexy burlesque performer IRL whom I actually enjoy very much. I just didn't think my heart could take watching another frustrating "funny fat best friend" trope play out -- and considering rom-coms' tumultuous history with this archetype, my worries weren't entirely unfounded. 

  • As a plus-size woman, I'm used to seeing fat characters as anomalies: They have confidence "in spite of"; they own their "flaws" so no one else can.

    We're the funny girls who somehow are #blessed to get the guy. We agonize over our weight. We hate ourselves until some dude shows us the way. The list is unending. We are rarely given the agency and story arcs we deserve because we aren't considered "normal."

    When in reality, we are just women who want to succeed, and fuck, and live our lives like any one else. 

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  • And at a surface glance, I was convinced Everett's character Melanie was going to be at least one of those stereotypes.

    But boy, was I ever wrong.

  • From the moment she bursts onto the scene, we are given a character that is assertive, confident, and unapologetically passionate.

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    Everett's Melanie didn't wrap her identity in her body, and the second I realized it was when we first see her at the mom dinner. She wears this cleavage-bearing, hot little bodycon dress, and not once was it acknowledged.

    No self-deprecating remarks. No apologizing for how her body looks. No questioning attention she received, or hiding in it. She just existed, and continued to do so throughout the film. She was super sexual, super warm, super loving -- and she did all of this in the body she had.

  • What's even better? Her girl gang was just as positive.

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    Not once do they try to placate or patronize her. Not once do they make a snide comment about her size. Everett isn't their "fat friend"; she's their friend. Period. 

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    And believe me when I say by the time I got to the end of the film I was weeping tears of joy. Seeing a big woman own her shit unapologetically was so refreshing and necessary -- especially for the millions of moms who struggle with their bodies. The rest of Hollywood needs to take serious, serious note. 

  • Honestly, the entire movie is completely refreshing.

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    The writing is wildly funny, the story is fully believable, and above all, I think every kind of mom can find some solace in at least one of these characters. 

    Whether you make it a girls' night in or out, seriously, see this movie. 

    Fun Mom Dinner is in select theaters August 4 and On Demand.

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