'Star Wars' Fans Are Still Asking the Makers of Monopoly #WheresRey?

If there's one thing we need more of in movies, it's fierce, fabulous female characters who can stand on their own two feet. That's why Star Wars fans rejoiced at the introduction of "Rey" in The Force Awakens: Played by Daisy Ridley, she fits all of the above criteria and more. So when Hasbro recently blamed Rey's absence from the Star Wars Monopoly game on "insufficient interest," those same fans cried foul -- and the world still wants to know, #wheresrey?


The backlash first began back in 2015, when the first edition of the game was released including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Finn, and Kylo Ren -- but no Rey, even though she obviously played a major role in the film (some would say THE major role). J.J. Abrams, director of The Force Awakens, called the omission "preposterous," leading to a claim from Lucasfilm that she was left out of the game because they didn't want any spoilers about her character leaking before the movie was released. They also promised that Rey would be a big-time player in the next game (get it?).

Well, okay -- fair enough. Except that didn't really happen. Hasbro did manufacture a Rey token for the game, it turns out, and the updated edition was shipped to several countries ... but not the US. 

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What gives? According to Hasbro spokesperson Julie Duffy, Rey didn't make it to the States because of "insufficient interest." Really, though? Insufficient interest in one of the main characters in one of the biggest films in recent years? 

Twitter, unsurprisingly, begs to differ:

So, I think we can all agree that "insufficient interest" is code for "Yeah, but Rey is a GIRL, and GIRL toys don't sell as well as BOY toys, so can we interest you in this vaguely phallic lightsaber instead?" Never mind the fact that about a zillion little girls dressed up like Rey this Halloween (and about a zillion other little girls dressed up like Princess Leia). "Insufficient" interest or not, this is an obvious example of the rampant disparity in the toy industry, one that even giant retailer Target sought to help remedy when it announced that it would be moving away from gender-based signs in toy aisles. This isn't a huge deal, Hasbro -- it's one stinking game piece based on a very, very popular character. Step it up!

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Duffy did point out (in an email to The Verge) that Rey was later added to games including Operation, Trouble, and Trivial Pursuit. She also said that the updated game wasn't sold in the US because "the original version of the 2015 game was selling well [in the US] and retailers had adequate inventory so they opted not to list the new version." (And, for the record, anybody who really really wants a Rey piece can request one through Hasbro's customer service line.)

For now, it seems that little girls will just have to settle for pretending to be male intergalactic real estate tycoons -- or maybe just stick to Operation in the meantime. 

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