Jamie Dornan's 'Bulge' Has People on Twitter Freaking Out

jamie dornan
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Well, this is one way to bring attention to Northern Ireland. Recently, the Northern Ireland Twitter account posted a breathtaking photo of the Irish coastline. In the forefront of the photo, Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan, who's from Northern Ireland, stands with his arms crossed, looking proud of all his country has to offer. But keen Twitter users were quick to point out that there's, um, a rather large bulge in Dornan's pants.  


The bulge is kind of hard to miss:

jamie dornan northern ireland

Not surprisingly, a few cheeky fans were quick to comment on Jamie's pants region. "Hadn't noticed Inishowen in the background as the foreground interest was holding my attention," one user wrote, while another inquired how this photo sits with the Northern Ireland Twitter account's social media guidelines.  

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After a little naughty fun, one user pointed out that, more likely than not, Jamie just had a golf ball in his pocket, being that, you know, the actor was at the Irish Open. 

Whether he was carrying a golf ball or not (which, come on, if you look closely enough, it totally looks like he is), fans -- especially Fifty Shades of Grey fans -- are going to run with this one. 

The Northern Ireland social media team may not have intended to bring this sort of attention to their corner of the world, but hey, if anything is going to lure people to the shores of the Irish coast, Jamie Dornan -- and his possibly imaginary bulge -- certainly is it. 

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