EL James Goes Deep Inside Christian Grey's Mind for New Book

Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan
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If you've ever wished you could sit down and talk with Fifty Shades of Grey author Erika (EL) James to pull out a bit more information about what makes Christian and Anastasia tick (and what fan hasn't?), you're in luck. Though she doesn't do a whole lot of talking to the press, she recently spilled about what's going on in Christian Grey's head and the newest book she's working on. 


While discussing the book she's currently writing, which takes on Fifty Shades Darker from Christian's point of view, she told news.com.au:

"Oh, he's a f***ed-up kid, he really is. I have found my stride with it and it's (an) interesting place to be inside Christian's head. He is so utterly and totally in love with this woman (Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson) but he just doesn't know it!"

She went on to talk about her writing process, and how she's a big fan of her own work. 

"I guess I actually wrote something that I wanted to read, so I am a fan of my own work, I guess. Does that sound terrible?"

It doesn't sound terrible at all -- who could blame her? Not us. 

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She also praised Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan for their roles in bringing her words to life.

"I have to take my hat off to them to being in something that is predominantly a female franchise, I mean that is a big risk for any actor to take. I think they both really stepped up to the plate. Jamie's athleticism and charm and Dakota's 'sass' really shone through."

Indeed, they did, and we can't hardly wait until February to see them again in Fifty Shades Freed.  

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In the meantime, hopefully we'll have her new book to tide us over. While James said last year that the new book will be (hopefully) released in 2017, there's been no word as to an official date. Fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later, because we could use a Fifty Shades fix!

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