Jamie Dornan Reveals the Random Thing He'd Be Doing If He Wasn't Acting

jamie dornan
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Of course, we all know him now as Christian Grey, but if Jamie Dornan weren't an actor, what would he be? Turns out, Jerry Maguire! Like, IRL. Who would have thought?


During a recent interview with Seattle's KING 5 News, the Fifty Shades of Grey star was asked what he would be doing if it wasn't acting. Initially, Dornan joked that he'd be drunk. "I'd be drinking alone in Ireland ... Guinness probably with a whiskey chaser," he quipped. But after laughing he said, "It would probably be something in sports. Not playing it, but it's a big passion of mine, so I would have windled my way into it. Jerry Maguire probably -- every guy watched that movie and said, 'Oh I want to be a sports agent,' and I was probably that guy."

Huh. Random. 

More from CafeMom:

During the same sweet interview, Dornan also talked about how he likes to give his kids a heads up before doing anything drastic to his appearance for a role. "It's tricky," the actor said of how his kids react. "My 3-year-old will give me a very blunt appraisal. I always warn them first. I mean, our other daughter isn't even 1 yet so she doesn't really know. But it's trickier for her because she's so used to me looking a certain way and I can't say, 'Daddy has to cut his hair tomorrow,' because she doesn't understand what I'm saying, so she has had a few shocks." Aww. Poor girls. 

Of course, the most surprising part of Dornan's interview is the reveal of his inner sports nut. For whatever reason, it's hard to pin him as a big game day guy. But apparently, like Christian Grey himself, there are many layers to Jamie Dornan.

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