Dakota Johnson's Nasty Habit Caught on Camera

dakota johnson green dress
Wylde/Splash News

Say it isn't so. Typically, Dakota Johnson can do no wrong in our eyes, but a snap of her captured in the bathroom at the 2017 Met Ball has us cringing. In fact, it may be the most unflattering picture of her we've ever seen.


We knew a lot went down in the bathroom at the 2017 ball, and it looked like a heck of a lot of fun. But our envious dreams just went up in smoke a bit. 

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Johnson was one of celebrities caught with a cancer stick in her hand. That's right, she was smoking a cigarette. Ewww. We wish it wasn't true, but Rita Ora captured a picture. 

Rita Ora/Snapchat

Maybe just maybe she was just posing for a picture? We'd like to think so, but she wasn't the only one caught smoking. Bella Hadid and Frances Bean Cobain were also seen in there puffing away. Not only is smoking so obviously bad for one's health, it's also banned in the Met and most of New York too. Rebels.

No one is perfect, and we all have our vices. This one is just so incredibly dangerous. Hopefully, it's not a regular thing, and they were just letting loose for the night. 

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Still, so many young people look up to these women, and it just stinks -- literally -- that this is the example they're setting.   

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