Jamie Dornan Takes on an Evil New Role

jamie dornan
Mike Blake/Reuters/Splash

Jamie Dornan has a very different movie role coming up, and in this film we will get to hear his Irish accent ... perhaps with an even heavier Irish brogue. Dornan is set to star in H-Block as an Irish Republican Army prisoner who escapes. The details surrounding the film are quite astounding. Jamie's getting evil!


H-Block is based on a true story of the escape of 38 prisoners who were all in the IRA. The Maze Prison breakout happened in 1983 and 19 men were never recaptured. It was a deadly escape -- one guard was killed and 20 were stabbed or shot during the escape. And guess who is playing the leader of the prisoners?

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Not Jamie. It will be Cillian Murphy, that other devastatingly handsome Irish actor. And the same guy who starred with Jamie in Anthropoid. But Dornan plays a bad guy, too. He's also a prisoner, and it seems he is one of the extra evil ones, as well. Where Cillian's character is one of the prisoners who is trying to be more peaceful, Jamie's character is vindictive. Details released about the film say that Jamie's character is one of the last IRA prisoners to escape, but he was the one who helped uncover the weaknesses of the guards, and on his way out, his evil ways are on full display. We can imagine stepping into this role wasn't easy for Jamie either. Interesting to note: Pierce Brosnan, another Irish lad, is rumored to be playing the warden. 

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Evil Jamie? Only in movies, of course. We know he can play this kind of role, even though it sounds challenging. The man likes a challenge. He's certainly a person of many talents and able to slip into different characters with ease. This role is yet another that is very different than his turn as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades trilogy, which means there may not be a lot of crossover fans. But ... you never know. We're intrigued.

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