Dakota Johnson's Mystery Man Turns Out to Be the Last Person We Expected

dakota johnson
Mike Blake/Reuters/Splash

There have been sightings of Dakota Johnson with a mystery man out on "dates," and we've been wondering who it was and how serious the relationship is. As it turns out, it's very serious ... but this mystery guy is also the last person anyone expected. 


It's Dakota's brother. See? Serious ... as in family.

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Dakota's handsome brother is Jesse Johnson. He and Dakota have the same dad -- Don Johnson. Jesse's mom is Patti D'Arbanville. And Melanie Griffith is Dakota's mom. Jesse is seven years older than Dakota. 

They sure make a cute couple ... of siblings.

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Maybe many of us were just craving any kind of new news regarding anyone from Fifty Shades because there is a lull now that the film has already come out and we're waiting for the unrated DVD coming in a month. But it was fun wondering who this mystery man was. We knew it couldn't be Matthew Hitt, Dakota's on-again, off-again boyfriend -- we think that relationship is done for good. 

It's sweet that Dakota seems to have a great relationship with her brother as well as her younger sister Stella. And we suspect that even if Dakota were dating someone, she's going to keep that as private as possible. 

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