Amelia Warner Reportedly Doesn't Trust Jamie Dornan Around One Actress

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner
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We feel for Amelia Warner. She may have a super hot, doting husband and two beautiful daughters, but man, she does have to put up with a lot of tabloid crap. Like the rumor that she forbade Jamie Dornan from working with Angelina Jolie.


According to a super shady source who told Star magazine, Jolie was looking to pursue the Fifty Shades Darker actor to play her love interest in an upcoming project. The purported insider said, "Angie wanted someone tall, dark, and handsome. And after seeing Jamie's work, she thought he certainly fit the bill."

Allegedly, Amelia was too wary of his potential costar to let him take the part. The tabloid reported that she said no because of Angie's history of hooking up with her costars, including Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jonny Lee Miller.

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The source claimed, "Amelia trusts Jamie completely, but she's heard enough to know Angie likes to get whatever, or whomever, she wants."

Of course, it looks as though this whole report is completely untrue. Gossip Cop claimed to check a reliable source close to the couple, who explained, "Warner never forbid her husband from working with Jolie, and the claim otherwise is entirely fabricated."

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Of course it was fake. Jamie clearly adores his wife and family, and we can't imagine he'd have eyes for anyone but his incredibly gorgeous wife. And we're thinking that if she was cool with his playing BDSM-loving Christian Grey, she's not going to bat an eyelash over his working with Angelina Jolie.

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