Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Open Up About Their Intense Relationship

jamie dornan dakota johnson
Ray Tang/ZUMA Press/Splash News

There have been so many theories regarding the relationship between Fifty Shades Darker stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, and we've been left to decide for ourselves exactly what is going on between these two. But a new video interview with Dakota and Jamie has them both opening up about their unique bond. 


First let's acknowledge the totally bizarre life of actors -- they play "pretend" when they film movies and TV shows. They pretend to be in love, pretend to lust after someone else, they kiss but it's just for the role, and in the case of Fifty Shades, Jamie really spanks Dakota, and ties her up, but it's just in the name of art. 

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With that, when we watched this clip, we realized even more how great these two are together. They are true friends, and truly respectful of each other and their own lives, and they have a trust unique to their roles.  

In the clip, we get to see them in between shooting scenes, how they instantly get out of character and have this easygoing way between them. Dakota has a decent Australian accent, too. It seems she needs to be goofy after the intense scenes they film.

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Jamie gets this -- he says how he knows that some days it's not that easy for Dakota especially, she's not wearing a lot of clothes, and a lot has been asked of her. Dakota shared that they do have a friendship and it's all based on trust -- she needs that to film this movie, and she said she needs him to be protective of her and for him to understand her, and see it in her face if something is making her uncomfortable.

Their commitment to the film and to each other runs deep. It certainly is an unconventional movie to make, but these two have found their comfort within it, and that lies within them, making sure the other one is okay, protected, consenting. They have such a beautiful and quite unique friendship, and have found a healthy way to collaborate on such an intense film.

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