Jamie Dornan Just Topped Our Sweetheart List With This Move

jamie dornan
Mike Blake/Reuters/Splash

Jamie Dornan doesn't only have a soft spot in his heart for his wife and kids, but he's also out there fighting for the puppies in the world. That's right, Jamie is speaking out along with other high-profile celebs to stop the inhumane breeding of dogs in Ireland. 


The puppy farm trade is responsible for tens of thousands of dogs being bred in awful conditions. If you've ever seen one of those infomercials on TV about animals being poorly treated, you know how terrible this really is. And it is a huge problem around the world.

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We love that Jamie is putting his star power behind it in an effort to put pressure on the government to do something to stop this inhumane treatment of animals. Also part of this effort are Sharon Osbourne and Colin Farrell, who is the ex of Jamie's wife Amelia Warner. Glad to know there are no awful feelings there. Or if there is, it doesn't come in the way of saving the lives of puppies.

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Just last week, we fawned over Jamie's bit on Jimmy Kimmel -- letting us in on some little-known Irish words and phrases for getting sloshed. And, of course, we have Fifty Shades Darker, which may or may not still be playing at a theater near you. (Home viewing soon!)

We know that Jamie's got a huge heart. Talented, kind, daring, isn't afraid to take roles others shy away from, handsome, funny, good sense of humor, and wants to save the dogs? Melt.

Maybe Dakota Johnson will take on saving cats?

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