Charlie Hunnam Still Haunted by Not Being Christian Grey

charlie hunnam
Ray Tang/ZUMA Press/Splash News

The role of Christian Grey still haunts Charlie Hunnam. Hunnam is traumatized by leaving the role in Fifty Shades of Grey, so much so, he cannot watch the film because of the pain he fears it will bring. To be honest, we're shocked he's still dealing with this. Though just knowing he's thinking about it all, gives us a haunting of a different variety.


He WAS Christian Grey. In those early days, when the first installment was being cast, so were a thousand fantasies -- and they all involved Charlie as Christian. And those days were amazing. We revisit that fantasy all the time. 

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This is Charlie Hunnam we're talking about -- a man with ridiculous sex appeal, a man partially responsible for so many people naming their kids Jax thanks to his character on Sons of Anarchy. The very same man who recently said that he has sex to stay in shape. Oh ... wait ... he said "make love," actually. His words were: "I also try to make love as often as I can. That's an important part of fitness."


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We understand why he is still dealing with trauma after having to leave the role of Grey due to his scheduling conflicts, because as soon as he starts talking about it, we relive our own issues about the very same thing. He's like the one who got away. And it seems that every year, Charlie revisits the pain, causing us to go there as well.

We love Jamie Dornan in the role -- so we'll restate once again that we aren't unhappy with his casting. But Charlie, oh Charlie ... what could have been.

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