Dakota Johnson's New Role Is the Opposite of Anastasia Steele

dakota johnson
Mike Blake/Reuters/Splash

While we love Dakota Johnson as our Anastasia Steele in all things Fifty Shades, we're thrilled to learn of a new project she is going to be working on that has nothing to do with Christian Grey. This new role has Dakota not only starring in the film, but also as executive producer. 


The movie is call Unfit and it tells Carrie Buck's story and her Supreme Court case from 1927. Buck was young and wanted to be a mother, but she was considered an "undesirable" citizen and "feebleminded" by the state of Virginia. She was forced to be sterilized. 

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It's hard to hear of this absolutely terrible injustice, but we learn from the mistakes of our past and this film could become a major talking point once it's released. It is based on the Adam Cohen book called Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck.

In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, Dakota said she wasn't aware of Carrie Buck's case until she read the script. She shared, "I quickly became obsessed with the prospect of shedding light on the massive misstep in American justice. Carrie Buck's story is poignant and galvanizing, and certain aspects are unnervingly congruent with the relationship between the government and women today."

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It could be a very powerful film, and we're as excited about it as we are to see the miniseries The Handmaid's Tale adapted from Margaret Atwood's novel coming later this month. While Handmaid's Tale isn't based on a true story, it is also about injustices toward women. Hopefully these films will further inspire us for change. 

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