Dakota Johnson Made a Pact With Her Parents Over 'Fifty Shades'

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We don't blame her a bit! We've heard that Dakota Johnson didn't want her parents to see her as Anastasia Steele in the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, but it turns out that she actually made a pact with them about it.


Dakota is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, and we can imagine that it was bittersweet for them to agree not to see the films. On the one hand, of course they love their daughter and are interested in her work ... on the other, well, she spends a good deal of screen time naked and simulating some super hot sex with her hunky costar Jamie Dornan.

More from CafeMom:

In a recent interview, the 27-year-old was asked if her parents had seen either Fifty Shades of Grey or Fifty Shades Darker, and she responded with a pretty solid "no." She explained, "No, that is not happening, nor will it ever happen. That's hard for them, just this huge [movement] around these movies that I'm part of, but not being able to watch them."

She continued, "I know it's tough. But I made them promise and they respect that."

Yeah, the movies aren't really an "avert your gaze for a minute or two" situation when it comes to the sex scenes. Especially the latest installment, which Dakota thinks is much sexier than the first.

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"The sex is definitely better in this one. [My character] knows more what she wants. She's more confident now and has an understanding of what's making him tick," she revealed to OK! magazine. "Their connection is stronger, emotions are deeper. That makes sex better, doesn't it?"

Yes, it certainly does make the sex better ... not that anyone would want their parents watching.

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