Amelia Warner Shrugs Off 'Fifty Shades' Rumors Like It's NBD

amelia warner jamie dornan
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

It's no secret we crush hard on Jamie Dornan, but after reading this interview with Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner, our lady crush meter is going wild. The multitalented mom of two also totally shrugs off those pesky rumors of infidelity and even admits she's open to seeing Fifty Shades ... someday. 


In speaking with the Independent (UK), Amelia said "It doesn't impact our life much in a day-to-day way" when asked about all the Fifty Shades hype ... including those rumors that something was going on between Jamie and his costar Dakota Johnson. We never believed any of that to be true. Jamie very boldly called any trash talk about that "disgusting" and we don't blame him (could you imagine people writing lies about you like that?!). Amelia is basically doing the same by not addressing them. Love her style (both in attitude and in dress). 

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What does impact her life, however, are those two daughters she has with Jamie -- Dulcie who is 3 and 1-year-old Elva. (How incredible are those names?!) Being a mom has not only changed her in the obvious ways, but it has made her more confident as a performer and changed her "perception." When she first started dating Jamie, Amelia wasn't sure what direction she wanted to go in as far as career goes. Then they had their first baby and she took a year off from working. That's when she realized she wanted to pursue music. And she recently did the score for the film Mary Shelley, which stars Elle Fanning and will be coming out this year. Plus, she has a new record out called Visitors. Could this woman be any cooler?

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She doesn't have any time to waste on baseless gossip. And it's clear she's very bonded with Jamie, and together as a family. She even noted how it's easy to travel with Jamie when he has to go different places to film -- even with the kids since they are so young and not in school yet. And as for her, she can work from anywhere. I'd bet traveling even helps her stay inspired for new songs. 

And because everyone still asks, the answer is still no, she still hasn't seen any of the Fifty Shades films her husband has been in, but she doesn't rule it out. Because ... priorities. She just hasn't seen it. We see this as no big thing -- let's say your partner is a chef; that doesn't mean you taste every single one of the dishes he cooks when he's at work, right?

We're crushing on Amelia right now. She's always on point, effortlessly cool, and she's not bothered by the petty nonsense. Like a boss.

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