Dakota Johnson Dishes on How Anastasia Steele Helped Her Grow Up

dakota johnson oscars
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After talking about her gorgeous gown and bodyguard-protective jewels on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest, Dakota Johnson opened up about how starring in Fifty Shades has been an educational experience. And our minds went straight to the gutter. 


The snippet was all on camera, for further context. And seeing it all go down also gives us the added bonus of the bizarre air kisses Ryan and Dakota exchange. 

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Dakota is just so delightfully un-Hollywood. She is the everywoman all dressed up on the red carpet, humble and sweet with a bit of shyness. This is a major feat considering who her mom, dad, and stepmom are.

Seacrest's serious question about what lessons she's learned from playing Anastasia does seem to take Dakota by surprise. We couldn't help but immediately think of some kind of sub/dom lessons. Or a lesson in what it's like to have a controlling boyfriend. Or maybe a lesson on what she's learned about sex toys. Maybe our thoughts went there because most interviews with Dakota tend to go directly to the naughty stuff, and just about anything Fifty Shades takes our minds on a fantasy roller coaster. We have a feeling Dakota's mind went in the gutter, too, just for a moment. But true to her elegant look, Dakota answered in a very refined way.

"It has been a very educational experience, both professionally and personally. I've gotten to deal with certain things in a more grown-up way. I have a better outlook on certain parts," she said. 

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This is the role that catapulted her on the scene, where she is fast becoming a household name essentially thanks to one movie (well, two now, with another on the way). Sure, she's been in other things, but Fifty thrust her into the spotlight. And in doing so, it has also made her realize that all eyes are on her, and she's handling it all very well. She's fairly private with her life and creates a good separation from her personal and professional doings. Something that she was taught by her family, but didn't get to fully realize until the fame happened directly to her. 

Our minds are out of the gutter now. We're taking Dakota's lead and looking at it in a more grown-up way. She may play Ana Steele, but Dakota Johnson is nothing like her.

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