Jamie Dornan Had Pre-Oscar Jitters Thanks to Dakota Johnson

jamie dornan dakota johnson
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While on the red carpet for the Oscars, hand in hand with his wife Amelia Warner, Jamie Dornan had some noticeable jitters about presenting with his Fifty Shades Darker costar Dakota Johnson. Dornan was chatting with E! News' Ryan Seacrest and said his main concern was about something Dakota may be wearing.


He was worried about Dakota's heels. At first, I thought he was worried her balance on sky-high heels. But this is Dakota Johnson we're talking about. She knows how to wear a tall heel. She could probably bike ride and run in them as well. The concern for Jamie was if she was going to tower over him when they presented on stage. Oh, Jamie. Really?

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jamie dornan dakota johnson oscars
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The six-foot-tall Dornan said "I can't handle that" when referring to the possibility that 5 foot 7 inch Dakota in heels would make her taller than him. From the pic, it seems that the two were equal in height. 

Those must have been some really high heels, though! She needed it -- that dress was long and still grazed the floor even with her added height.

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Knowing this, I blame Jamie's awkwardness while on stage to his concern about how tall Dakota seemed and if she was taller than him. It did seem that Jamie didn't take to Dakota's "you look familiar" quip warmly. He responded, "I'm sure I do," but something was off. It made some of us viewers cringe a little. What was happening?! Did his remark just come out wrong? What was going on?

Knowing about the heel height concern, it all makes more sense. Did he make her measure up quickly before heading out on stage? Was he worried about how he looked? Why are we relishing in the fact that a man had a concern like this? I mean, Keith Urban is totally okay with wife Nicole Kidman towering over him. (Love them!)

Jamie, trust us, you can handle it if a woman was taller than you. It's NBD. Stop being such a dom -- your Christian Grey side is showing and that's so not you. (Wink wink.)

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