Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Share an Awkward Moment at the Oscars

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
Brett D. Cove / Splash News

Now, we know this duo is intimately acquainted, but they sure don't seem all that comfortable around each other. Fifty Shades stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson shared an awkward exchange while presenting an award at Sunday's Oscars ceremony. Was the moment cute or cringeworthy? Tough call. 


Of course, the pair -- who portray the anything-but-ordinary lovebirds Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades films -- looked stunning, but they also appeared uncomfortable during this attempt at humor. 

"You look familiar..." Johnson quipped, to which Dornan responded, "I'm sure I do." 

Perhaps these two didn't recognize each other fully dressed, LOL. Take a look and see if you find their discomfort endearing or disheartening.

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Viewers couldn't help but notice the couple looked a little ill-at-ease standing side-by-side. (Perhaps they're more comfortable lying down?) If anything, their back-and-forth here must mean they're really acting in those steamy scenes from the film adaptations of EL James's erotic novels.

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Going into the evening, they had to know that as soon as they appear together, everyone in the room -- as well as those watching at home -- are going to conjure up all sorts of thoughts about their intimate on-screen affair. Even Dakota's high-neck gown isn't going to make us forget what we've seen! Guess they figured they'd poke fun at it themselves first and get it out of the way? 
You've got to love Dornan's head tilts, which seem to say, "How did I end up here?" 
Of course, true fans are happy to see this couple together any chance they get!


We give them credit for having a laugh at their own expense!

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