Mark Wahlberg Suffered Through 'Fifty Shades Darker' to Make His Wife Happy

Mark Wahlberg
Jackie Brown / Splash News

This hunky husband is acting like he made the ultimate sacrifice when it came to how he spent Valentine's Day this year. Mark Wahlberg honored his wife Rhea Durham's request to see Fifty Shades Darker. Pretty hot for the parents of four, right? 


So, is Marky Mark a big fan of the film adaptation of EL James's erotic novel? Um, it doesn't sound like it -- unless he's just trying to appear too macho for the romance flick.

He reportedly told Entertainment Tonight, "I actually took a picture of the marquee behind me. You know, so I can get some brownie points for being a good husband ... For sitting through a movie like that."


I never get to pick the movies anymore. Happy Valentine's Day! �

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You'd think the former Calvin Klein model wouldn't mind watching Ana and Christian romp around in their skivvies but, apparently, he wasn't thrilled. Just look at his caption: "I never get to pick the movies anymore. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Ha! Hey, at least he's smart and documenting this show of love in case he wants to cash in on it later. Imagine being in the theater with him and his wife? That would be pretty fun. 

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We suppose compared with the action-packed flicks the 45-year-old stars in, Fifty Shades might not be his cup of tea. But it's nice to see that he went along with watching it to make his wife happy. 

Plus, we can't help but imagine that watching the, um, creative couple get busy on screen could serve as a little inspiration for a longtime married pair like the Wahlbergs. Just sayin'.

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