Dakota Johnson Had No Shame Stripping Down for 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades Darker
Universal Pictures

Whether you rushed to the theater on opening day or have a hot Valentine's Day date planned to check it out, Fifty Shades Darker is finally in theaters, and that means fans are finally being treated to a bevy of new sex scenes starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. And although Dakota Johnson may have used a butt double for Fifty Shades of Grey, she told the Mirror that this time around, we're all looking at her actual naked body.


When asked if she "never wanted to use a body double for nude scenes," Johnson replied, "No, because it would have felt like a cop-out if I did. If I was going to do this job, I was going to do it 100 percent and give it everything. I wanted to be true and honest to the role, and the character. I don't have a problem with nudity. I think it is beautiful, and so I was okay with that." 

So, then what about the first film? Well, to be fair, the reason she used a butt double in Grey is not because she was "copping out" or is shy about stripping down in front of the camera. The issue was that she has a tattoo in that area that wouldn't match up with Ana's innocent character. (Though, not sure why they couldn't just cover it up with body makeup...? Maybe the design is such that it would have looked weird so close up.)

At any rate, Johnson owes her chill attitude about being filmed in the buff to the way she was raised, she says. "I was brought up to respect myself and be comfortable and confident," she tells the Mirror. "I always admired that in other women, I always was attracted to those who were not ever worrying about what other people think. I was also brought up in an environment where it's more important to be interesting than pretty."

Yes! Love that she grew up hearing such amazingly body-positive messages from mom Melanie Griffith and dad Don Johnson, likely her grandma Tippi Hedren, too. The fact that she has such health self-esteem and is so comfortable in her own skin has surely informed her portrayal of Anastasia -- and made the character even more alluring.

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