Jamie Dornan Has His Two Leading Ladies at UK's 'Fifty Shades Darker' Premiere

dakota johnson jamie dornan
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At the Fifty Shades Darker premieres around the world, we've noticed that Amelia Warner hasn't been around. But she was there at the London premiere, giving Jamie Dornan two leading ladies to take photos with. Amelia and Dakota Johnson looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. 


Keeping in tune with majorly different looks for every city Darker has a premiere in, Dakota showed up with a topknot in her hair and an artfully designed gown. We spy a seahorse! We love those sleeves. Most unexpected though is her hair -- all pulled back and up like that give it an opposite of Anastasia Steele look. Jamie did his signature "arm around her waist" pose for the cameras with his leading lady in film. And while we know these two have turned into really great friends, it's clear the body language Jamie showed while taking pics with wife Amelia was very different than with Dakota.

Here he is with his buddy and costar.

jamie dornan dakota johnson
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 And here he is with his love. We love these two together!

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jamie dornan amelia warner
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jamie dornan amelia warner
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Not only do Jamie and Amelia seem so at ease and in sync with each other, but it's also clear how in love they are. The way their bodies are turned into each other ever so slightly, the way Jamie seems to almost be protecting his wife from the relentless rumors regarding their marriage (all untrue) -- we can really see how connected they are here. 

Plus, those smiles. What a couple!

We also love Amelia's look -- so fresh, so now, so unexpected. Jamie, for his part, handled his double duty very well all while looking devastatingly handsome in gray.

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