Jamie Dornan Has Choice Words for the Gossips Who Question His Marriage

jamie dornan amelia warner
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Since he took on the role of Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan has faced some of the most hurtful rumors, many revolving around his marriage to Amelia Warner. Dornan, however, tackled these lies head-on and has some choice words for those fabricating the stories.


He has called the rumors "disgusting" -- he told the Telegraph, "The more public interest there is in you, the more horrible people become. People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children."  

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We cannot imagine how that feels on such a massive scale since he's a celebrity. We've heard all the lies: Jamie and his costar Dakota Johnson had an affair; Amelia is devastated because her husband took the role of Christian Grey. And to think anyone would pull Jamie and Amelia's kids into any of it is truly "disgusting." 

The truth is the truth -- Amelia has been completely supportive of her husband's career. They are both actors; they understand what that entails. 

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What has emerged in all of this is the fact that Jamie isn't having any of it -- he isn't afraid to speak out about the rumors and let those spreading them know that it's wrong. We back him up there. He will stand up for his family and protect them. Jamie is a very private person, and the lies are not only wrong, but also violating -- so he's facing the issue head-on. His celebrity status doesn't mean people should be allowed to say whatever they want. Luckily, Jamie and Amelia not only have a supportive relationship, but they have trust, admiration, and each other's backs.

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