'Fifty Shades Darker' Facing Bad Reviews but We're Used to That, Aren't We?

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When it comes to all things Fifty Shades, we've learned you can't please everyone. Some hate it; others love it. We're not surprised. But the reviews coming out for Fifty Shades Darker are mostly bad ... with some curious observations.


The BBC rounded up some of the more notable (and negative) reviews coming out. 

Time's Stephanie Zacharek had issue with Christian Grey. "There's one significant problem with both Fifty Shades movies that's impossible to ignore: [Jamie] Dornan is just a dud," she said.

We've heard this one before and while we understand what Zacharek is saying, we also think that Dornan's "wet noodle" style of portraying Grey works. The film certainly isn't everyone's cup of BDSM.

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The review that made us laugh the most is by Chris Hunneysett of the Daily Mirror. He wrote, "If you want to watch a movie about a billionaire playboy with a penchant for darkness, inflicting violence and dressing up in masks, you're far better off seeing The Lego Batman Movie." Zing! 

Richard Brody of the New Yorker pinned the film's failure on new director James Foley. He also said, "Not even the sex has personality." Ouch.

Even the New York Times called it "half as watchable" as the first film.

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These reviews certainly aren't going to stop us from indulging in all thing Fifty. Reviews are reviews, opinions are opinions. I'm not sure how anyone who has read the books or seen the first movie isn't going to be curious about seeing the second (or the third). I'm not saying we need to throw their names in the Oscar ring or anything, but if the film is going to show you a good time, make you feel a little frisky, allow you to think about the insanity going on in Ana and Christian's relationship (therefore making you thankful you don't have that kind of thing in your own), and help you unplug from the realities that surround us in real life for just a little bit, then I'm going to call it a success. 

Deadline's Pete Hammond did say of Darker: "It sure ain't boring."

As seasoned fans, we're used to these bad reviews. We also are in need of anything but boring right now. 

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