Jamie Dornan Spills Super Juicy 'Fifty Shades Darker' Sex Scene Spoiler

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Christian Grey does more than shop in hardware stores for his BDSM collection, and there is even more sex play in Fifty Shades Darker. One sex toy, as Jamie Dornan explained, caused him and Dakota Johnson a bit of trouble, along with fits of laughter. It's called the "spreader bar."


In an interview with People magazine, Jamie said that the spreader bar in question was made specifically for the film and to fit the description of the toy in EL James's wild imagination. Oh la la! Jamie said that it didn't "perform" in the way they expected. "It didn't work a couple of times and held us back a little bit. It didn't quite achieve what we wanted it to achieve, but when it mattered it worked, so it was all good," he shared.

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In case you're wondering what in the heck is a "spreader bar," it's not as terrifying as it sounds. Well, depending on your BDSM desires, of course. For Darker, this spreader bar is a pole with straps on each end that attaches to the ankles. It's kind of like that security device -- the club -- that affixes to steering wheels in cars. Only, it's more luxe and sexy and something also made for Christian Grey to flip Anastasia Steele over while in the throws of legs spread passion. 

Oh. My. Fifty!

Apparently, things didn't go exactly as smoothly as written in the book, and while filming, the issues with the spreader bar led to many, many takes and had Dakota laughing uncontrollably. We can't blame her. Director James Foley even kept some of the giggles in the film. Foley told the mag, "When [Jamie] did that and he flips her over, she giggles a little bit, which I love. Because I felt like she's having fun, it's a playful thing, so the audience can have fun and not think, 'Ooh is this weird?' It's all about play."  

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We love that. But Jamie did add that Dakota's laughter did get out of control at times -- in the best way. "You know you've really got her when she snorts, when she's laughing so much that she starts snorting. And then her snorting makes her laugh even more .... She laughs, then she's crying, makeup has to come in and redo the mascara or whatever it is," he said. 

Now we really can't wait to see this scene. But we also really hope there is a blooper reel!

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