Dakota Johnson Received Quite the Steamy Gift From Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
ICONICAphoto/Splash News

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have definitely developed a close friendship after filming three films full of copious amounts of simulated sex with each other. Which means that the Fifty Shades Darker stars may be prone to giving each other highly inappropriate gifts.


Dornan and Johnson did an interview with USA Today, and revealed some of the gifts they've gotten each other through their years of filming. They've made a tradition of getting "wrap" gifts for each other as each film has wrapped, and one in particular from Jamie to Dakota was seriously naughty.

While Dakota kept things above board by getting Jamie some chef knives after Fifty Shades of Grey wrapped because he loves to cook, he opted to gift her one of the items from the set. Specifically, from the Red Room of Pain scenes.

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Jamie confessed of his gift to his costar, "Oh, she didn't like it. I got her a glass case made with a leather flogger in it, and then a line from the movie on a brass (plate)."

"He basically framed the flogger that he beat me with in the film," she retorted. "And I was like, 'Thank you, this will go in my garage.'" After that gift, Dakota got more creative with her presents to Jamie. She shared that she got him a gag gift after Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed wrapped in 2016. 

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She explained to the newspaper, "Jamie worked with a dialect coach to perfect his American accent -- which was brilliant -- and he would write out his lines phonetically, which I thought was the funniest thing literally in the history of comedy. And I would do dramatic readings of them. So I got him a T-shirt with one of his lines printed out phonetically on it."

Dornan revealed, "I wear it to bed, as you do. A pajama top."

Dakota also called Jamie out on not reciprocating the gift-giving for the second and third movies, but he had an explanation. "UPS is a (expletive) nightmare these days," he said. "I'll call them again today."

But really, can anything top the flogger?

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