Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan's On-Set Workouts Sound as Intense as Their Sex Scenes

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Fifty Shades
fans can't wait to see Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey take their love story to the next level when Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters this Friday (OMG, so soon!). But it sounds the drama isn't the only thing that got more intense this time around. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's on-set trainer Ramona Braganza recently talked to People, and it's clear the costars took their fitness seriously. (Well, who wouldn't, when faced with lots of nudity and acrobatic sex scenes?)


Braganza met up with Johnson and Dornan for one-on-one sessions in a fully equipped on-set gym trailer. "Dakota used the trailer almost every day when she was on set, I would say five days a week," Braganza told People. "Sometimes she would do a full program, and sometimes she would just do 20 minutes of cardio." The 27-year-old's main focus: toning her legs, abs, and arms. 

They'd do "a lot of dance-type stretching to music," Braganza explained, and then "a circuit with some leg work," like "Jane Fonda–type leg raises" with extra weights to strengthen her legs and glutes.

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She'd also do some circuit training: three bursts of cardio interspersed with two circuits of three moves each and one section of ab exercises. The cardio might include running on a treadmill set at an incline (awesome for your glutes!) and jumping rope. And when Johnson wasn't working out with Braganza, she'd take hot yoga classes, which sounds like the perfect prep for shooting steamy sex scenes, obvi.

In his free time, Dornan was doing upper-body workouts, so Braganza balanced that out with leg-focused training sessions one or two times a week, she said. Doing this was actually a way to keep him in shape overall. "If you train your legs, you actually increase your metabolism and it can grow muscles all over the body," she explained. "If you ignore your legs, it defeats the purpose of strength training because legs are a big powerhouse of the body." 

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His leg workout involved five to 10 minutes of leg stretches, jumping rope as a warm-up, and then squats with heavy weights, as well as lunges and deadlifts.

Braganza noted that of course eating a healthy diet in conjunction with the workouts was key for Dornan and Johnson. "They put in a lot of effort, and they ate really well as well," she explained. "That makes a difference in how you end up looking on camera." 

Judging from the trailer, they look hot as hell, so they clearly got results from all that hard work!

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