Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Share Their Very Different Valentine's Day Plans

Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

While we get the gift of Fifty Shades Darker just in time for Valentine's Day (a few days prior, to be exact), the film's stars have their own plans for the day of chocolates and roses. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson gave some details on their very own Valentine's Day plans. And we have to admit, we're a bit surprised. 


Jamie and Dakota are in very different places in their lives. Dakota is happily single (as far as we know) and Jamie is happily married to Amelia Warner and has two sweet kids. Which means that Jamie has three Valentines, because all parents know that the holiday ends up including the kids. Chocolates and flowers for all! (Our hearts just melted as we imagined Jamie giving flowers to all his ladies.)

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When E! News spoke to the stars of Darker about their Valentine's Day plans, Jamie hinted that every day is Valentine's Day for him. He said, "I think it's weird we have one day out of the year that you show your loved one you love them. [365], that's what I do." Swoon! Isn't this guy the best?! He went on to say that the most romantic thing he ever did was propose to his wife. (Love him!) And when it comes to that day (February 14), he prefers something a bit low-key. We like this plan -- so intimate. Jamie also added that he will not be taking his wife to see Darker either. Because ... yeah ... that would be really weird for their V-Day outing. Though it would make whoever is in the theater with them really excited. 

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Valentine's is about spending it with the person you love. And Dakota's plans involve a whole lot of love of a different kind and something we love to do as well. Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. That's about self-love and self-care. "I'm going to be asleep," she said. And in its own way, that sounds very romantic as well. 

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