'Fifty Shades Darker' Stars Banned From Being 'Overtly Sexual'


Seeing as they've filmed some pretty explicit sex scenes, you'd think nothing would be off limits for these actors, but apparently that's not the case. Marcia Gay Harden revealed that Fifty Shades of Grey stars aren't supposed to be "overtly sexual" when doing interviews or promoting the movies.


The Academy Award winner got candid about promoting the BDSM aspect of the franchise and explained to the Sun recently that they've been discouraged from being too sexual in interviews. "We can't talk too much about nipple clamps." she explained.

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She continued, "I used to send out some naughty little tweets ... and I was told by Universal that I couldn't do it anymore."

Well what's the fun in that? Come on, if Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson can simulate sex for an hour or more, shouldn't the stars of the movie be able to talk about nipple clamps if they want to?

But Harden, who plays Christian Grey's mom in the films, added that the studio want to play up a different aspect of the story other than the raunchy sex. She said, "It is a love story after all -- I don't think they want us being too overtly sexual in interviews."

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Okay, fine. We're down with their playing up the love story. But let's be really honest -- the trilogy isn't known as "mommy porn" because it's such a compelling love story.

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