This Is How Dakota Johnson Prepared for 'Fifty Shades Darker' Sex Scenes

dakota johnson
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Celebrities do all sorts of things to prepare for a role. Some do intense workouts, others maybe do magic rituals, but Dakota Johnson tried something entirely different to prepare for Fifty Shades Darker. With all the intense scenes and steamy sexual encounters, we can't fault her for taking things to an extreme. 


To prepare for those "kiss me hard in the shower" and "roll around with me sort of naked in bed while we pretend to have sex" scenes in Darker, Dakota told Entertainment Tonight that she needs a shot of whiskey and some mints first. That sounds like a good pre-date ritual, too. It takes the edge off and ensures you have fresh breath. Ahhh, whiskey mint ... wonder if they should make that a new toothpaste flavor? (We'll have to ask Jamie Dornan about that ... since, you know, he's the one kissing Dakota after her ritual.)

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Jamie, however, does not partake in the whiskey and mint bit. Instead, Dakota said, "He does push-ups and I just lay there and drink whiskey." And now we have a visual -- a stunning visual of Jamie giving us 10 on the ground, shirtless and slightly glistening from a sweat. Dakota is lounging in a silk something, on a bed, legs exposed, with a little glass seemingly dangling from her fingertips. 

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That's one way to pre-game those sexy scenes. Jamie probably finishes up his push-ups, and Dakota takes that last sip and pops some minty freshies. And ... ACTION! 

Both Darker stars have expressed how comfortable they are with each other now -- good buddies, of course. The kind who know how to pretend to be in love and lust with each other for the cameras and then, after filming ends, go right back to being friends who ask how the dog is doing and what the kids are up to these days. Professionals. 

And now we're left wondering how many people do the whiskey/mint thing to prepare for other potentially nerve-racking situations. It apparently works wonders.

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