Jamie Dornan's Severe Haircut Will Make You Look Twice

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This handsome actor could never look anything other than stunning, but his new look is so dramatic, it'll have you doing a double-take. Jamie Dornan is sporting a new buzz cut but has left his ample beard in tact. Maybe he's trying to disguise himself ahead of the release of Fifty Shades Darker --  to ward off legions of excited fans, LOL.


Dornan was spotted making his way through a Los Angeles airport looking super-cute and casual in black pants and a white T-shirt, but barely recognizable. It's a definite departure from the designer threads his Fifty Shades alter-ego Christian Grey sports. What would his on-screen love interest Anastasia Steele think of this decidedly downplayed look? Hard to say. 

Sneak a peek at his new 'do -- or lack thereof: 

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He's still devilishly handsome, but we must admit, Dornan is quite a chameleon! We've seen him with close-cropped hair before, but never this short!

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Now look at him with those wavy, chestnut locks that plenty of fans would love to run their hands through.

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We have to wonder if the newly shorn 34-year-old is prepping for a role. Though we've heard he's in talks to star in a few different films, it's the soon-to-be-released Fifty Shades Darker that has fans counting down the days 'til February 10.

Either way, it's safe to say Dornan looks good no matter what he does. No surprise there! 

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