'Fifty Shades' Latest Trailer Shows Anything but a Boring Old Date Night


Warning: After watching this, you may not be able to think about elevators the same way ever again. A new Fifty Shades Darker trailer has been released ahead of the film's February 10 release date -- and it's every bit as steamy as fans might hope. 


While enjoying a "date night," the perpetually erotic Christian Grey makes an unusual request of his paramour Anastasia Steele -- and it isn't "Quit hogging the breadsticks!" 

Take a peek:

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That "Check, please!" really says it all. It certainly looks like Ana is under his spell once again. (Can you blame her?) As if his naughty table antics weren't enough, Christian takes it a step further when the two board a crowded elevator. 

Makes your regular old rides in a lift seem pretty darn dull by comparison, right?  

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We must admit Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik's song "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" really captures the dizzying, hot and heavy vibe of the scene, doesn't it? 

If there were ever a surefire way to heat up your Valentine's Day, taking in this flick should do the trick! We have to wonder how many more teasers we'll get before the big day arrives? We're on the edge of our seats! 

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