Zayn & Taylor Swift Show Intense Chemistry Between Christian & Ana in 'Darker' Video

It's here! We've got the music video for "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)" by Zayn and Taylor Swift and it's left us a little breathless. This is by far the sexiest piece of film involving Darker that doesn't include the films' stars, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The scintillating vid is so intense -- the yearning, the passion, the writhing, the breaking bottles!


As we watched, we felt the tension between these two lovers played by Zayn and Taylor even though they were barely in the same room together. People magazine revealed that it was filmed at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. It's truly a gorgeous video in every way ... well, except for all that wasted champagne.

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We wondered if we were going to see Zayn and Taylor ... you know ... kiss in the elevator and truly reenact that scene. And then when Zayn gets in the elevator in the video, we got really excited. 

Wow. Wow! WOW! What a tease! Though we absolutely loved every second, there was no kissing, but we still felt all the feels. And we had a few observations. First of all, Zayn is just a beautiful man. Did you catch those eyelashes? That bone structure? Hell, we're not even mad when he gets all ragey and throws bottles. (Only because we knew it was for pretend.) Though we did wonder if Taylor broke that mirror she threw her champagne bottle at -- hope not!

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Taylor is just beyond in this video ... so much so we are a little shocked at how much skin she showed while writhing on that hotel bed. And the scratching her nails down the cushioned headboard -- OH MY WORD!

Before this video was released, we wondered if there would be any clips from the movie itself, and we're glad there wasn't. Zayn and Taylor capture the intensity between Christian and Ana perfectly -- there was no mistaking that this was inspired by their complicated romance. We loved every second.   

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