Sneak Peek of 'Fifty Shades Darker' Video Has Us Begging for More

taylor swift fifty shades darker video

When the clock strikes midnight, we'll be watching the worldwide video premiere of "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)". Eyes glued. Play again and again. But for now, we have a sneak peek of the dark and steamy vid featuring Taylor Swift and Zayn. What a feast for the eyes!


It has all the elements to suit our Fifty Shades–like desires. The clip starts out on a dark and stormy night where Zayn (who is oh so perfectly coiffed) steps out of a fancy vintage car in the rain. Then we see Taylor in her accidentally off-the-shoulder top, in all black, with her lacy bra slightly exposed. She grabs her head in frustration. We want that same super dark and velvety lipstick and her bolo necklace stat. She doesn't know what's happening to her, of course. We see Zayn in flashes of lightning with facial hair beyond compare, then he's smashing dishes off a table. There is conflict and desire and everything Christian and Ana -- only with Zayn and Taylor. Then we see Taylor thrashing on a bed that looks very much like Ana's room in the Fifty Shades of Grey film. It's ... it's ... we need more! Midnight, come quick!


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Video tomorrow night midnight est #idontwannaliveforever #fiftyshadesdarker

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The song is a masterpiece. It's so perfect for the movie that watching this clip you'd think Taylor was Anastasia. So, yes ... we're obsessed with it. When we're in the car and it comes on, the volume is turned way up. So up, we get embarrassed if we're at a stoplight. We cannot quite hit those falsettos that Zayn does, but we try ... and then regain composure with Taylor's bit. We ask that you do not tell anyone about this. Please.

A fun tidbit about this catchy little number is that Taylor wrote it with singer/songwriter Sam Dew and Jack Antonoff (of Fun and Bleachers, and he's also Lena Dunham's significant other). Antonoff produced the track as well. It's hot.

As is this clip. Which leaves us wanting more ... as we wait till midnight. The tease has us feeling a whole lot like Ana right now -- we have a yearning for the unknown, want to uncover more, want all of it. See you at midnight.

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