Dakota Johnson Gets Candid About What She Really Thinks of BDSM

dakota johnson
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Dakota Johnson graces the March 2017 cover of Glamour UK, looking stunning, but it's the interview inside the mag that has us amazed at how candid Dakota is about BDSM. If we consider what Jamie Dornan has said about the kink involved in Fifty Shades Darker, Dakota's feelings seem to be the exact opposite. 


Jamie has made it clear that BDSM doesn't "float [his] boat" but that if anyone else is into it, then that's amazing. It's just not his thing. Dakota, however, seems a bit more intrigued by the world she was introduced to thanks to her role as Anastasia Steele. She told Glamour UK, "Oh some of that stuff is just so beautiful! .... There are some things out there that are really grimy and nasty, and then there are really beautiful, intricate, and chic toys. Actually, whole aspects of the BDSM world are truly beautiful."

We love her openness, her ability to see beauty in so many things. And yes -- my goodness, some of those sex toys are works of art!

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While she sees the beauty, she's still keeping some of that from her parents -- Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. Her folks have not and most likely will never see any of the Fifty Shades films. We totally get it. "It's too uncomfortable for them," she said. "It's one thing if a film has one sex scene in it, but with this, a large part of the premise is the arc of their sexual relationship, and I think that's a little inappropriate for my family to watch."

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We see her point. It's kind of like not wanting your mom to fold your underwear when she's visiting, or, worse, putting it away in your drawer and finding a sex toy. We all know Dakota is acting as Anastasia, but it's still her doing the acting. There are situations no person would want their parents to see them in. 

Dakota's a great daughter, friend, and actor; she has a closet full of clothes we want to own; and she sees the beauty in sexy things? Love this woman!

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