Dakota Johnson Shares Her True Feelings About Anastasia Steele

dakota johnson
Christopher Peterson/Splash News

February's issue of Vogue magazine features the stunning Dakota Johnson on the cover with a new look, and inside, she shares a new take on her Fifty Shades Darker character, Anastasia Steele. Dakota's also opening up about those pesky Jamie Dornan affair rumors. Eye-opening? Indeed.


Let's get the affair nonsense out of the way. Concerning that supposed tryst, Dakota said of Jamie, "We hate each other and we're having an affair, so everybody's right. How about that?" Now that's a badass response. We all know nothing's happening there. Dakota's pointing out the obvious: It's all silly rumors. But what's even more incredible is how much she shares about herself and her thoughts on Ana. 

Plus, that hair ... Love her look.

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Dakota isn't afraid to play a bit with her hair and make bold statements with fashion, but we also admire her candid responses when asked about nude scenes and how Ana's evolving. She told Vogue that she thinks nude scenes are necessary in movies because "Let's be honest about it. People are naked when they f*ck." True. They are. She also said that she wasn't sure if she'd still do nude scenes when her "boobs start sagging", wondering if she'd have "more of a European mind-set" about it. Women are beautiful no matter their age or how low their breasts sag or don't sag -- but whether or not any woman is comfortable to do nude scenes at any given point in her life is up to her. 

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We're also thrilled to learn Dakota's thoughts about Ana. Ms. Steele was discovering things about herself and her sexuality all through Fifty Shades of Grey and continues to do so in Darker. There is a lot of empowerment happening. Dakota called Ana a "badass" who is "hyperintelligent and hypersexual and very tough and very loving." It seems Dakota has a bit of admiration for the character she plays. She acknowledged that Ana is complex and shared that as an actor, she "tried to amplify" all the aspects of her personality. 

She's done an incredible job so far. Which, as we mentioned earlier, makes her a badass as well. 

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