Jamie Dornan Gets Candid About Christian & Ana's Steamy Shower Sex

jamie dornan
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We know that Jamie Dornan is almost nothing like Christian Grey, the character he so skillfully plays in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. But Dornan is speaking out about a major difference in how he would conduct one of Fifty Shades Darker's anticipated sex scenes. Details!


Jamie was interviewed by Cosmopolitan and of course (to our delight) the conversation turned to that oh so sexy shower scene in the steamy Fifty Shades Darker trailer. Jamie admitted that he wouldn't reenact something like that in real life. He found the whole scene "strange."


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Hear him out. "Doing a sex scene is always strange, but especially if you start it clothed in the shower," he said. Ah yes. That would be odd, we agree. While seeing Christian and Ana with their clothes soaking wet as they make out in a shower is most certainly hot, how on earth are they going to remove those drenched clothes? No one willfully enters a shower fully clothed. But, we do understand how these things happen. Especially when it comes to Ana and Christian. There is just too much passion there -- and they aren't always thinking clearly. So into the shower with clothes on they go.

We can only imagine how this scene must have been to film. Dakota echoes Jamie's sentiment. In her feature in Interview magazine, Dakota has said that filming sex scenes is tedious. We aren't going to feel sad for either of them, though. 

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During the chat on this weird clothed-in-the-shower scene, Jamie also noted that he isn't the kind of guy who would have a red room in his house either. But we knew that already. He very convincing, however, when he plays Mr. Grey, a man who does. We'll just add that to the list of the many ways Jamie is nothing like Christian ... except for in the incredibly handsome department. 

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