Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner Rumored to Be Expecting Baby #3

Jon Furniss/Splash News
We're not only expecting the second installment of our favorite kinky movie trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker, in 2017, but if the rumors are true, our Christian Grey may also be welcoming baby number three. It was reported that Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner are expecting another baby to add to their brood. 


These rumblings are happening because of the wardrobe choices Amelia has been making. Her outfits have been -- you guessed it -- loose and drapey, causing some to wonder if she was trying to hide something. Plus, she's glowing. But if we think about it, there has never been a photo of Amelia where she is not glowing. The woman is just stunning all the time. And why wouldn't she be? She's married to Jamie.

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Jamie is quite private when it comes to his personal life, and if he does share details, it is most certainly in his own time and on his own terms. We didn't even know the name of baby number two until quite some time after her birth, which was all hush-hush as well. So we shouldn't all go out and purchase baby gifts for the potential sibling of Dulcie, 2, and Phoebe, 10 months, just yet. Nothing has been confirmed by the Dornan camp, and all of the "is Amelia pregnant?" whispers may amount to nothing more than she just likes wearing less structured clothing now and then. (I mean ... who doesn't?!)

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For now, we will try to focus our excitement on the release of Darker this February (and we are SO EXCITED!). By then, we should know for sure if Jamie and Amelia are expecting another baby ... depending on what Amelia wears to the premiere, of course. But with two kids under two, there is also a chance she'll skip the red carpet events for her husband's movie to stay home with the kiddos and keep us guessing.

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