Jamie Dornan Gets Real About His Relationship With Dakota Johnson

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When your on-screen love scenes are as steamy as this duo's, it's no wonder people speculate that there may be something more going on in real life. Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan addressed rumors that he and Dakota Johnson are having an affair -- and his big reveal could break the hearts of fans. 


The Irish actor, who has been married to Amelia Warner since 2013 and has two daughters, assures Fifty Shades enthusiasts that life does not imitate art when it comes to his relationship with his comely costar. 

But as the release date for Fifty Shades Darker draws ever closer, the rumors continue to fly, prompting Dornan to speak out. 

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According to Gack Hollywood, Dornan has referred to his castmate as "a good friend" and explained that they get along well. (Good to hear, otherwise some of those scenes would be pretty uncomfortable!)

He went on to say that she's "the only person" who knows what he goes through and, further, she's the only person who gets what he is feeling during filming. He added, "I'm thankful for that and that we have respect for each other -- and we're great friends."

Hm. These "friends" do look cozy. Perhaps it's shots like this that keep tongues wagging:

Jamie and @dakotajohnson at lunch. #SetLife #SouthofFrance #FiftyShades - @erikaljames

A photo posted by Fifty Shades Darker (@fiftyshadesmovie) on

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She looks positively smitten, right? Of course, we want to see them looking dreamily at each other and keep that illusion alive! Still, it's got to be incredibly tough for Dornan's wife to not only hear these rumors but then see the two together on film. We give her a lot of credit! 

For those who are counting down, you can see the "reel" life lovebirds back on the big screen February 10. 

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