'Fifty Shades Darker' Actress Bella Heathcote Offers Some Insight into Her Role

Bella Heathcote
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As we've been awaiting the arrival of the newest movie, we've heard a lot about the main characters played by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. However, with Fifty Shades Darker we'll be introduced to some new faces -- and now cast member Bella Heathcote is discussing her role.


In an exclusive interview with W magazine, Heathcote speaks out about playing Christian Grey's "completely heartbroken" ex-love -- Leila. She told the publication, "I think anyone who's been through any form of grief can relate." And while we're not exactly sure if Leila's grief is the kind we can relate to, we are positive that this role is a big one for the Bella.

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This will likely be the role that puts her on the map among a larger group of people. In the book, Leila is best described as "mentally unstable." She proves to be an obstacle in Christian and Anastasia's relationship, as Ana discovers all that Christian has done (and continues to do) for Leila.

She definitely plays a big part in this upcoming movie, and there's no doubt that fans will be excited to see how things play out with all of the women in Christian's life now that he's fallen. Not only will we get to meet Leila in this installment, but there will also be word from "Mrs. Robinson," as Ana often refers to her.

So as the drama unravels, we'll be sitting on the edge of our seats -- watching all the details from the erotic, intense novel come to life.

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