Jamie Dornan Doesn't Want to Be Known Simply As a Sex Symbol

Jamie Dornan looking like a
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We've familiarized ourselves with the role of Christian Grey quite a bit over the years. Hell, some of us even become a little obsessive. But seriously, who can blame us? The guy is hot. Nevertheless, Jamie Dornan wants us to view him as more than a "hunk"  and acknowledge his other work instead.


In an interview with the Irish Sun, Dornan discussed his feelings on being called a hunk. He said:  "There are worse things to be called, but I guess there's a part of me that wants to be recognised for something like my TV show work."

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He went on to add that he "threw" himself "hard" at projects like the Fall, but admits that being seen as a cute face has been something he's had to deal with since childhood.

He added:

The 'cute' thing, I haven't taken well to. It's an issue I've had since I was a kid. I was a very skinny and very young looking as a boy and I wanted my sister's mates to fancy me. I wanted them not to see me as their friend's cute little brother. I wanted to be looked at as a bearded, rugby-playing man.

Although as he points out, there certainly could be worst problems to have. But now we kind of feel bad for not being able to focus on more than his hot features long enough to keep tabs and credit him for other great roles that he has embodies -- from the Fall to Once Upon a Time.

We totally understand how it could feel like a complete insult to put so much energy and effort into your art and your livelihood and only be credited for a small portion of what you do. He's so much more than Christian Grey.

All we can say for ourselves is that we will try to do better Jamie -- you have our word. 

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