'Fifty Shades Darker' Gets Knocked Out of the Top Spot for 'Most Viewed' Trailer

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades Darker
R Chiang / Splash News

Once upon a time, the latest Fifty Shades trailer held the title of most views in one day (across all digital platforms); however, Fifty Shades Darker has recently been dethroned as most-viewed by an unsuspecting contender. As this fan favorite has very few things in common with the raunchy EL James trilogy.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie that outranked the latest installment of the Fifty Shades franchise was Disney's official trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast reboot. Making its debut on Monday, the timeless classic was able to get 127.6 million view in just 24 hours, in comparison to Fifty Shades Darker, which received 114 million views. 

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When broken down, the numbers go like this: The trailer was viewed 9.8 million times on YouTube, with 29 million coming from Facebook, and 27 million coming solely from Emma Watson's page, according to THR. 

But this probably comes as no surprise, since the teaser received 91.9 million views upon its release in May.

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Perhaps it's the nostalgia factor, but the reboot has been highly anticipated among the general public. It may be that it caters to multiple generations, giving it a wider range of fans, whereas Fifty Shades -- well, not so much. 

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However, we're sure in due time there will be more movies down the road that dominate the charts. It's just what the people want and when they want it. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that we'll be in the theater watching Fifty Shades Darker -- it just means taking more than one trip to the movies.

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