Jamie Dornan Dishes on How His On-Screen Sex Life Compares to His Real Life

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When you think of this hunky actor's love life, you imagine that it's got to be pretty steamy. But The Fall and Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan is revealing just how his on-screen sexual prowess compares to his moves in real life -- and his honesty may surprise fans.   



While you'd think that the man who portrays Christian Grey would have some serious tricks up his sleeve when it comes to getting busy in the bedroom, the Irish actor admits he's surprisingly tame. In other words, it doesn't sound like there's a Red Room at the home of Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner.

The actor told news.com.au., "No. I'm not into that. My wife isn't either. It's funny. Obviously there's a huge market for it, a lot of people are into a certain type of sex but I am just not one of those people. It doesn't interest me at all. So, I don't think those roles have had any influence over our sex life."

Sorry, fans!

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We suppose it should be a relief that Dornan doesn't take after his character Paul Spector from The Fall, a serial killer with a bondage fetish, either. 

It's funny, as much as viewers love seeing Christian Grey without much clothing, the dad of two says he doesn't relish what it takes to get as ripped as he is. He had to pump up his workouts before filming Fifty Shades Darker -- and he shares that it's not his cup of tea:

I'm not very good at working on my physique but I had to run a lot for The Fall and for Fifty Shades, of course you have to work out a lot. I don't enjoy it massively, more so because it takes up a lot of time.

I've got young kids and I don't want to be away from them in a gym just pushing heavy stuff around, that's not fun. I would rather be fit doing sport. I still love sport and played rugby as a kid. I still cling to some belief that I am going to play sport professionally when the acting dries up in about a year. I go through phases. I never watch what I eat, I am terrible about that.

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Wow, he sounds so delightfully real despite being one of the handsomest men on the big and small screen. 

And maybe we'll see more of him than ever if his stance on nudity is any indication. Noting that he comes from a "liberal background," the actor tells news.com.au., "I don't really care about the whole nudist aspect of what is required of me as an actor. I hope there's some degree of modesty remaining but I am not a prude in any way, I wasn't brought up that way."

Good to know! We're glad Dornan isn't letting these roles change him because he sounds like an awesome, down-to-earth guy. 

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